Zhang Ping Shui Xian

Zhang Ping Shui Xian is a famous tea created in the county of Zhang Ping in Fujian. Due to its superior growing conditions around the Jiu Peng River, resulting in the tea developing a unique orchid floral notes. This tea reflects its geographical location between the North Fujian and South Fujian Oolong by utilising both combining both Oolong making methods. It's important to note that this cultivar of Shui Xian is different from Fenghuang Shui Xian from Guangdong province.

 Chinese Name   漳平水仙 (Zhang Ping Shui Xian)
 Other Names  Narcissus
 Origin  Zhang Ping County, Fujian, China
 Tea Type  Roasted Oolong
 Harvest Season  Spring
 Tea Processing

 Picking → Withering → Drying → Bruising →

 Kill  Green → Shaping → Charcoal Roasting

 Recommended Brewing   3 g to 150 ml, at 90°C for 45s

Zhang Ping Shui Xian was said to be first discovered in Zhang Ping Zhu Xian Cave (祝仙洞). In local dialect however, Zhu sounded like Water, which is Shui, which was how the name was given.

Zhang Ping started growing this tea since the Yuan Dynasty and at a decent scale by the Qing Dynasty. In 1914, Deng Guan Jin, a native from Zhang Ping Shuang Yang village created the first ever compressed tea brick from Zhang Ping Shui Xian differentiating from all other types of Oolong.


This tea has obvious red oxidation of the tea leaves at the edge of the tea and gives a bright yellow liqour. Locals commonly refer to this tea as the Tri-coloured tea. This tea is commercially sold as loose leaves or in their signature compressed brick.