Tea Gift Set - 6 Types of Tea
Tea Gift Set - 6 Types of Tea
Tea Gift Set - 6 Types of Tea
Tea Gift Set - 6 Types of Tea
Tea Gift Set - 6 Types of Tea
Tea Gift Set - 6 Types of Tea
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Tea Gift Set - 6 Types of Tea

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We offer a rare treat of having to sample all six different types of teas in a beautiful packaging. 

Apart from dark teas which are made by fermentation and White Teas without and processing except for drying, the other teas are by made by controlling the oxidation levels of the leaves through time.

White Blossoms (White Tea)

White Blossoms

White Tea

These are from the flowers of the tea plants bred specifically for the flowers. White Tea are processed by just drying the tea in the sun and allowing minimal oxidation to occur. The taste notes of this tea is floral and gives a good body.

Yong Chuan Elegant Bud (永川秀芽)

Green Tea
Yong Chuan, Chongqing, China

One of the famous needle shaped teas originally produced in five mountains around Yong Chuan, Chongqing China.Jun Shan Yin Zhen (Yellow Tea)

Jun Shan Yin Zhen - (君山银针)

Yellow Tea
Dong Ting Jun Shan Island, Hunan, China

This tea is historically a tribute tea. Due to the unique terroir, it gives a special fruit aroma and light sugarcane notes. Yellow tea processing is similar to Green Tea except that it has an additional heaping step that causes the tea to be yellow. This step is crucial and dependent on the tea masters to control the right amount of oxidation.

This picking of this tea is one bud one leaf.

Anxi Tie Guan Yin - (安溪铁观音)

Wulong Tea
Anxi, Fujian, China

One of the most famous Wulong in China, this varietal of tea is made into a light oxidation profile tea giving it creaminess and notes of orchid.


Queen's Tea - (英德红茶)

Red Tea
Guangdong, China

This red tea is made with the influence of wulong tea which Guangdong is so famous for, thereby producing a red tea with high stamina and strong fragrance. 

The tea enjoys its fame from its good flavour as well as its popularity with English royalties, no less the Queen herself.  The current Queen Elizabeth II chose this tea to be served during a state dinner in 1963, further propelling the fame and popularity of the tea.  In fact, English Breakfast blends carried by the major tea houses around the world regularly feature this tea as the base for their blends.

Made using the No. 9 cultivar which is recognised as the champion amongst the cultivars, it is indeed the highest grade of red tea from the province.

This tea pairs well with a starchy dessert, and can be served in a traditional English style by adding sugar and milk, without dilution. It could also create surprises when paired with sweet spices during the main course.

Lime Puer

Dark Tea
Yunnan, China

This tea combines the traditional shou puer with lime giving a citrus blend with the Dark Puer.