[2021 Darjeeling] Arya Ruby Exclusive
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[2021 Darjeeling] Arya Ruby Exclusive

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The Arya Tea Estate was established in 1885 and was originally known as ‘Sidrabong’. Legend tells that the garden was founded by Buddhist monks who developed and cultivated different varieties of Chinese seed.

The house inhabited by the monks in the 19th century can still be found on the estate. The plantation starts at an altitude of 1820 meters and spreads down to 900 meters, with an average elevation of about 1500 meters.

It produces around 70 tons of tea annually, 30 tons less than before the estate became organic. Some of its most famous teas belong in the ‘Jewel’ range, including Ruby (Black Tea), Emerald (Green Tea), Pearl (White Tea), Diamond (Chunky Tips) and Topaz (Oolong). These Jewel range teas are produced from special clonal tea bushes mainly from AV2 varietal planted on the highest point of the tea garden area.