Mamasa, West Sulawesi. Indonesia
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Mamasa, West Sulawesi. Indonesia

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 Region:  West Sulawesi, Indonesia  Farm:  Koperasi Petani Kopi Kampoeng
 Crop Year:  2021  Variety:  Mixed
 Processing Method:  Wet Hulled  Elevation:  1,650-1,700 masl

Petani Kampoeng Coffee was established in 2009 located in Mamasa , West Sulawesi. Mamasa has eleven districts namely Arella, Mambi, Messawa, Pana, Nosu, Sesena padang, Sumarorong, Tabang, Tabulahan, and Tanduk Kalua. From those districts there are two coffee-Producing districts.

Petani Kampoeng has a lush and well-maintained land. The Arabica coffee from Petani Kampoeng is planted on the Mamasa highlands area at an altitude of 1600-1700 masl.

Plantation area located in Messawa district is 265 hectares with a total workforce of
50 people, as many as 500 farmer members and produced 50 tonnes of coffee in one
month. Petani Kampoeng's production process only receives fermented coffee beans by farmers in the form of parchment.

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