Devoción, Colombia (Limited)
Strawberry, Molasses and Sugar Cane

Devoción, Colombia (Limited)

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Strawberry, Molasses and Sugar Cane

Priding themselves as one of the freshest coffee imaginable, Devoción was founded by Colombian-born Steven Sutton who believes that coffee is best processed fresh. They hand select 1000+ farm partners in Colombia and dry-mill at their Bogota facility.

How fresh? It takes around 10 days from processing till it reaches their roasting facilities in Brooklyn, Whereas most other coffee beans sit around for months.

Steven believes that roasting provides only half of coffee's flavours while mere freshness of the beans does the rest of the work.

The name is derived from the Spanish word Devotion.

We personally find this coffee perks you up rightly with its perfume strawberries notes. With a good medium body and nice finish, this is a pretty interesting single origin coffee.

This coffee is part of the Singapore Coffee Association online auction Lot #6.

 Origin  La Cinta Farm, Colombia
 Crop year  2020
 Process  Washed
 Elevation  1600 - 1700m
 Varietal  Caturra Amarillo