Bale Mountain, Ethiopia
Bale Mountain, Ethiopia
Bale Mountain, Ethiopia
Bale Mountain, Ethiopia
Ginger flower, dried raspberries, lime

Bale Mountain, Ethiopia

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 Origin   West Arsi, Oromia, Ethiopia
 Process  Dry Natural
 Altitude  1,900 - 2,000 masl
 Varietal  Heirloom

Bale does not refer to bales of hay. It's actually pronounced as Ba-Lee

This region, once part of Guji, is named after the old Somali Sultanate of Bale. Unlike in Ethiopia's Southern regions, this is a tourism/national park region rather than a coffee region, but exciting developments are already underway.

The 100-hectare Bale Mountain Farm is owned by Mr. Israel Degfa, one of the most forward-looking coffee producers in Ethiopia. Even though he started out in commercial coffee trading, he quickly invested resources in specialty coffee with innovative technology and fully traceable sourcing. Bale Mountain Farm is one of his latest projects, but Gesha trees are already being planned for elsewhere!

Although the altitude is comparable to Sidamo, the drier climate produces more concentrated flavors and a sweeter body.  Notes of ginger flower, lime, dried raspberries, oregano, with a Long-lasting finish.

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